AUTOMAT has been travelling and performing across Canada for approximately five years. The band performed in front of a crowd of 7000 people as the opening act for Carly Rae Jepson at the well-known Festival d’Été de Québec and as well as in front of 10 000 persons as the opening act for Hedley. The band also performed at the Bell Center and had one of their songs chosen by the Canadian Olympic Committee for the 2012 London Olympics games. To top it all off, AUTOMAT was on the road across Canada in 2014 and for a total of 90 dates! It is clear that this band has created an outstanding reputation. AUTOMAT‘s music can be enjoyed by both young and old alike. AUTOMAT‘s uplifting sound was born in Quebec, but they could easily take it to the Top 40 charts worldwide. Their last studio album, Pandora, was releases on January 27th and is set to be released in France in fall 2017.



#1 on Hot 100 Correspondant (Canada – French) : « Mémoire »

#1 on Hot 100 Correspondant (Canada – French) : « Mea culpa »

#1 on Hot 100 Correspondant (Canada – French) : « Pandora »

#1 on the ARCQ charts : « Mea culpa »

#1 on the ARCC charts : « Mea culpa »

#2 on iTunes French : Pandora (Pandora)

« Mea culpa » in an advertising in China (2017)

« Parfait » in an advertising at the Olympic Games in London (2012)

Fifteen (15) Top 40 (Canada – French)

Opening act for Carly Rae Jepsen & Hedley.

Canadian tour in 2014 – +90 shows

Two (2) songs released in France : « Mémoire » & « Mea culpa »



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