Pierre-Luc Lessard

Singer-songwriter Pierre-Luc Lessard’s music and lyrics are known for their introspective themes. His latest project, Michigan, was a tremendous success. He is currently working on new material that reflects more closely on his personality. Naturally, he named the work after himself, Pierre-Luc Lessard. His unique, acoustic-folk sound gives us a sneak peek into Pierre-Luc’s musical personality. His last album, Soyons géants, was released on March 31st of 2017.



#1 on SiriusXM Francophone : « Le refrain »

#1 on Stingray Music : « Le refrain »

One of the two only french artists on « Today’s hits » on Apple Music

Buzz Énergie (February)

#2 on the Hot 100 Correspondant (Canada – French) : « Le refrain »

#11 on the Hot 100 Correspondant (Canada – French) : « Le refrain »

Played six (6) times on Tout le monde en parle TV show : « Le refrain »

Career festivals : FEQ, International des Montgolfières, etc.

Website www.pierreluclessard.com

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